Big Blue fans flood Limestone, State streets to celebrate win

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - As soon as the buzzer sounded in Indianapolis, Big Blue fans flooded onto Lexington’s Limestone and State streets to celebrate.

Lexington Police shutdown Limestone and State Streets just before the game ended. Police in riot gear lined State Street to prevent any chaos as hundreds crowded into the street. WKYT’s Tim Johnston reported a fire was on State Street set shortly after the game’s conclusion. It was quickly put out. A stop sign was also ripped out of the ground. WKYT also observed a woman being helped by firefighters after suffering some type of injury.

Before the game, both Lexington and University of Kentucky officials hoped to cut down on out of control celebrations by asking fans to "respect the rivalry” and warned social media could be their tool in finding those who break the law.

The goal was to avoid tonight another 2012 street celebration where fans threw beer bottles at officers, flipped cars, and set furniture on fire.

Police plan to hold a news conference later Saturday morning with more on the incidents during the celebrations.

Lexington Police lined State Street before the end of Friday's Kentucky-Louisville game.

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