Big crowd gathers for festival; protestor draws police

DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - For quite some time the anticipation has been building up on Centre College campus for the Vice Presidential debate. But just moments before the candidates took the stage Thursday night, a protester in the tree stole the attention.

"He's kind of using the scene and the amount of people to forward his position politically," said a witness.

The rants kept spewing from the man in tree, but as the debate picked up, attention turned back to the screen, and back to the excitement of the night.

"I think a lot's about to happen, to be honest. I'm really excited about the Vice Presidential debate being here," said Corey Adams.

"It's just so great to be on my campus and to see it first hand," said Rachel Mussell.

"I really expect a lot to come out of it. It might have big turn in politics," said Alyson Partain.

"I was off work and so I just spent all day building up the anticipation, and I was so excited so I got here early. You know you had to park so far away and walk over, and it's just crazy to see all these people and so much pride," said a Centre Alum.

The students soon lost interest in the protester in the tree and became consumed with the debate raging on just yards away from the festival grounds.

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