Big cutbacks and changes coming to Georgetown College

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - They call them difficult decisions but Georgetown College officials say they had to make some major cuts to fix a budget deficit and move forward.

The college plans to cut staff and discontinue four majors.

Georgetown College is currently 4 million dollars in the red which has prompted the president to make some significant cuts.

On Tuesday, we talked to students on campus about their thoughts on the changes.

“The fiscal situation at this college is so fragile so they just can’t support having so much faculty,” said Daniel Chick, a senior at Georgetown College.

Along with a 20% reduction in full-time faculty, the college will also be reducing the number of staff by 12 positions.

Another way the college is trying to dig out of the deficit is by discontinuing French, German, Computer Science and Music majors.

College administrators say this decision stems from the fact that these majors are not in as high demand.

“It could make us lose some students who are coming in because some students want to be in that major so it’ll be a push for them to not even bother choosing this college,” said Destiny Cornell, a senior at Georgetown College.

The final change is adjusting employee benefits and discontinuing health benefits for retired faculty.

Administrators say all three changes are necessary in order to get the college's operational budget back in line.

President Greene acknowledges that these actions will be difficult but he says the long term benefits to the college will be substantial.

Administrators at Georgetown College say there will not be any immediate faculty cuts.

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