Bill would ban some calls in construction, school zones

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FRANKFORT, Ky. (WKYT) - Democratic representative Terry Mills says eliminating certain kinds of cell phone use in construction and school zones could make a difference in distracted driving injuries.

"It's common to see people I don't want to say consumed but very actively involved with their cell phones and it's dangerous. I want to keep our worker safe. I want to keep our children safe," Mills said.

He's co-sponsoring a bill that would prohibit entering data into a cell phone while driving in those zones. That means you wouldn't be able to text or initiate a phone call, but if you were already on the phone, you could continue the conversation. You'd also be free to use hands-free devices.

"Anything that you can do without using your hands without taking your eyes off the road I didn't want to restrict that. You know, my wife says we should not allow any cell phones if she had her way. We're trying to come up with some reasonable legislation that we think it make a difference on safety for our motorists," Mills said.

Two years ago, the General Assembly banned texting and driving. This bill would double those fines.

Mills acknowledges that the bill would be difficult to enforce, but he hopes people would follow it anyway.

"If we make it while some people follow the law whether it's difficult to administer or not," Mills said.

Mills said 39% of accidents in which human factors are cited involve distracted driving.