Billboards ask for information in search of missing Madison County teen

Richmond, Ky. (WKYT) - The search for a missing Madison County teen got some new help Tuesday afternoon. Brookelyn Farthing's stepfather Randal Walker spoke to WKYT about the billboard going up in Richmond.

"That's a sister, that's a stepdaughter, that's a daughter, that's a friend, a cousin, the next time you're at home and you see your daughter next to you think 'That could be my daughter,'" Walker said.

Walker says the nearly three months since his stepdaughter went missing have been heartbreaking for his family. In that time they've seen Kentucky State Police search hundreds of acres of land near the home where she was last seen on June 22.

Brookelyn's 19th birthday was in August, her family celebrated it without her.

"You can't go on without knowing and we don't know," Walker said.

The story of her disappearance has spread across social media and across the country, but Walker hopes a reminder close to home leads to new tips.

Tuesday morning a billboard showing Brookelyn's picture went up on Big Hill Avenue in Richmond. Drivers on the busy road will see her, along with a number to call state police or text in a tip. Her family hopes it reaches someone who knows where Brookelyn went.

"No matter how minuscule, how small, come forward, call Kentucky State Police because just a little could break loose a whole lot," Walker said.

He says in the next few months at least three more of these billboards will be going up in Madison County.

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