Bitter cold creates problems for schools, roads

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Bitter cold temperatures have made their way into the Bluegrass just days after snow. That's making conditions tough for schools, roads and the homeless.

Because of the cold, most area shelters are either at full capacity or overflowing in some cases. The Hope Center had to open up its emergency shelter to house an additional 250 people. The Community Inn has also been opening up earlier than usual.

Some roads in Lexington continue to be a problem, particularly in neighborhoods. Tuesday's snow made driving a challenge, but cold temperatures are keeping it around.

Schools are also having to make some tough calls. Fayette County schools were closed for the third day in a row because of the weather, but some private schools like Lexington Christian Academy were back in session. School officials aren't the only ones keeping a close eye on the weather though, so are parents.

"I do get up early and kind of gauge the conditions," says Laura Carter, a parent. "I guess if my gut told me to stay home then we would certainly do that."

Another parent, Shannon Barrett says, "If the roads are bad enough or the conditions are made enough, I won't get out in it, and we'll just stay home."

Unfortunately this isn't the last we'll feel of the bitter cold. WKYT's meteorologists are predicting single digits over the next few days.

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