Vulgar vandals leave their mark on Lexington homes, church

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - The spray paint may be blue but the messages were quite colorful in the Cromwell Way area, near Clays Mill Road.

"It doesn't really happen all that often around this neighborhood," reacted Cody Latimer, who noticed the rough artwork while on a stroll with his family.

The designs ranged from swastikas, to the number "666," and even a not-so-nice message to "da cops."

"It's pretty ridiculous to vandalize anybody's property," said Latimer, "It seems also very vulgar and it's not graffiti artwork by any means."

Latimer and his family weren't affected by the vandals, but their walk around the neighborhood was a bit different.

"I didn't even notice it on the road, I just noticed it on some of the mailboxes and whatnot," he said after noticing a crude sketch of the female anatomy.

"It's a little disturbing, mine are too young to understand what it is, but there's a lot of kids here," he said.

The victims I spoke with did not want to talk on camera, but they did tell me they were upset to find the graffiti on their homes, cars, and mailboxes and of course they were left with the clean up.

"I would assume some punk kids, but who knows," Latimer guessed. Police also believe this was the work of kids.

Police say they handled seven reports of graffiti in the area. Among the locations was a nearby church who reported that the vandals only spray painted the word "no" under an invite to join their church.

"It's unfortunate for the people it did happen to," concluded Latimer.

Many of the victims were able to remove the graffiti with some acetone and elbow grease, but some of the graffiti tags may take more work to cover up.

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