Bluegrass Fraternal Order Of Police cancels take home fleet vote

The Bluegrass Fraternal Order Of Police has suspended its planned vote on a new proposal for Lexington Police officers involving the take home fleet.

The president of the F.O.P says he's upset with comments the mayor's office made. He says the mayor's office blamed the reduction in take home fleet on the F.O.P and police officers. The city cut back the take home fleet program two years ago to save money. The new proposal would allow officers to use their cruisers for personal reasons, if officers pay $50 a month to cover gas costs.

"It's about keeping our community safer. It's about the man or woman who breaks down on Man O' War at 2 a.m. and an off duty officer comes by and is able to assist them. It's about the officer being at a ballpark and de-escalates a situation that could escalate to something serious," says Urban County Councilman Kevin Stinnett.

In a statement released Wednesday afternoon, Mayor Gray's office said the city has been working with police union for six months to reinstate the take home fleet policy. The city hopes the F.O.P will support the effort soon.

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