Body found in Frankfort neighborhood

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"This a great place to live. We have a neighborhood association here. Everybody knows everybody. We do events together here," says Jim Gwinn, who lives off of Haroodswood Road in Frankfort.

Aside from the hum of a lawn mower and the normal outside sounds, neighbors describe the west Frankfort neighborhood as a quiet one. But, on Sunday morning, things changed for those who live nearby Haroodswood Road.

"After church one of our neighbors came over and said, you may or may not be aware of the commotion that was going on earlier in the morning. There had been a body found," adds Gwinn.

Frankfort Police say a mail delivery person made the disturbing discovery.

"We are currently conducting a death investigation into the deceased, says Major Fred Deaton, with Frankfort Police.

The Franklin County coroner has identified the man found dead as 42-year-old, Anthony Tolliver.

"Certainly want to extend our condolences to the Tolliver family and for all that they are going through. We will certainly be lifting them up in prayer," says Gwinn.

Tolliver lived in a home not far from where police say his body was found.

"From investigators, there were no apparent signs of any trauma," says Deaton.

The medical examiner is still conducting an autopsy and some people who live in the Frankfort neighborhood are anxiously waiting to learn what happened to their neighbor.

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