Bomb comment on Facebook upsets followers of Stanton restaurant

STANTON, Ky. (WKYT) - A Facebook post by a restaurant owner has some people accusing the business of exploiting a tragedy for profit. However, the owners say they never intended to offend anyone.

Walking into The Liberty Grill it's easy to see what inspired the name.

"We have our constitution, declaration hanging on the wall, quotes from the founding fathers," said Quincy Collier who co-owns the business with his fiance, Jessica McIntosh.

The owners say they've taken inspiration for the posts on their Facebook page from popular movies.

"I took a line from an old Clint Eastwood movie, Dirty Harry, and turned it around to say how our hot dogs will blow the taste buds clean out of your mouth," Collier said.

While that reference weeks ago received likes, a more recent post had led to apologies.

"I was told it was distasteful humor and that we were exploiting the Boston bombings to advertise our product and that was not the case at all," collier said.

Tuesday night Collier posted a picture of a crock pot with a pork roast in it accompanied by the caption "IT'S A BOMB!!!!!!..........No, no, no, dummy! It's pulled pork at The Liberty Grill."

"Kids used to walk around saying 'That's the bomb, that cheeseburger was the bomb,' but now if they say that in front of the wrong person they end up getting kicked out of school," Collier said.

Followers of the restaurant's Facebook page said the post was making light of the recent bombings in Boston where pressure cookers were used to make explosives. Collier insists that wasn't his intention and says he was only referencing a flavor explosion. He says he's sorry if anyone was offended.

"I just hope that people understand that faux pas, misspeaking happens, and it could just as easily happen to anyone else," McIntosh said.

The owners say they plan to be very careful from now on when posting on Facebook. But they say this experience won't stop them from using it to connect with their customers.

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