Bounce house with three children blown away

GLEN FALLS, NY. (CNN) - Glens Falls Police say a five and six year old boy were seriously hurt when a bounce house was lifted off the ground by the wind, dropping the boys on the ground.

Taylor Seymour lives near where the boys were hurt. She said she saw the bounce house take off from the ground then drop two little boys, one on the road, the other on her car. "He hit his head off the back of my car and then landed right where that little spot is.

Then the bouncy house kept going and cleared my apartment and the trees," said Seymour. She said her 10-year-old sister was inside but fell out before it took off, so she's ok. "She's got a couple angels watching over her that day," she said.

"It was a very freak accident and very unfortunate," said Stephanie Hansen who is friends with the 10-year-old's family.

Hansen said she watched the neighbor who put up the bounce house. She said the stakes were in the ground and it looked like he did everything right.

Hansen also said the parents were supervising the kids at the time.

Glens Falls Police said they are investigating but think this was a tragic accident and no charges are pending.

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