Name released in deadly Bourbon County crash

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BOURBON COUNTY Ky., (WKYT) - Patrick De Seroux says he knows how dangerous the sharp curve on Bethlehem Road in Bourbon County is.

"I've actually gotten into a wreck over there. It's just a very dangerous turn. Drivers come around too fast, not knowing it is right there and it pops up on them. They can't slow down or anything," he said.

Paris police say 24-year-old Miguel Angel Apariciovazquez was killed near the curve about 3:30 Saturday morning.

Police believe he over-corrected after driving around the curve and crashed through a fence.

"It's just tragic, it's absolutely tragic," said Lt. Michael Dempsey.

It's a tragedy that Dempsey has seen played out time and time again.

"This road is a bad road because of its design. It has some really bad curves and rises," he said.

De Seroux says during the 10 years his family owned the roadside property, he saw the road's twists and turns send many drivers off the road.

"We've always had to rebuild our fence over there because we always had wrecks and planks everywhere," De Seroux said.

The coroner says since November there have been at least four other accidents on the same stretch of road.

Dempsey says he hopes drivers will see the danger and slow down.

"What it comes down to is how you handle your vehicle and control your vehicle," he said.

De Seroux said he's hoping this is the last time the curve is deadly, “I really don't want to see this happen anymore."

The coroner says they will release the driver’s identity after his parents have been notified.

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