Bourbon County neighborhood targeted by burglars

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BOURBON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - We have an alert for people living in a Bourbon County neighborhood where the sheriff says burglars are targeting homes in broad daylight.

The sheriff say two homes have been broken into in the Southern Hills neighborhood near Paris this week. And the burglars are stealing some expensive items.

It's a quiet, country neighborhood. Yet, the people there still manage to be targeted by burglars.

"Our next door neighbor was broken into twice about three years ago," said Ricky Claypool, a victim of burglary.

But this time around on Southland Drive, Ricky Claypool, his wife, and grandson were the victims.

"They came in the back door, hit the office, hit the bedroom, and looked in the medicine cabinet," said Claypool.

The Claypools say the burglars took cash and jewelry but didn't stop there, making a get away in their car.

"They probably just saw the keys hanging in the utility room and took the keys and took our 4Runner," said Claypool.

It's especially brave in broad daylight and something the Bourbon County sheriff says he's keeping a close eye on with extra patrols in the area.

"I go walk every morning first thing, and that's when they came, so I'm sure they were watching," said Claypool. "I thank God that they came when nobody was here. All the stuff they took we can replace, but I just don't want anybody in my house."

Another home was hit the day before just down the street from the Claypools and also in the middle of the day. Those living in the Southern Hills neighborhood who haven't been targeted say they are thankful, but they're also crossing their fingers that they aren't next.

"Anyone could get hit I guess, but I've been very lucky," said Wayne Purcell, a neighbor. "But I'm well defended here and most of my neighbors are too."

Both victims this week say they're looking into security systems because locking their doors is proving to not be enough.

"I never want anybody in my house again unless I ask them in," said Claypool.

The Bourbon County sheriff tells us they do have suspects in the case and think the break-ins could be connected.

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