Boy home with broken leg after being hit by a car

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NICHOLASVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - It's Sunday afternoon, and ten-year-old Bryce Cornett is lounging on the couch, but mostly because his broken leg won't allow him to play with the other kids.

"It hurt very bad," said Bryce of his leg after he was hit by a car in front of his family's apartment on Beauford Place, in Nicholasville.

Still, the young boy seems to be finding more joy in collecting signatures on his cast, than how he ended up in one.

"Everybody in here has signed my cast, except for her," pointed Bryce.

However, not everyone is having fun.

"My heart dropped. It was the scariest moment," described Teresa Peel, Bryce's mom.

She said she didn't see the hit happen, but still remembers the chilling moment of seeing her son laying on the ground after being hit by the car.

"I came around the truck and he was already on the ground by then."

Bryce says he went to get into his mom's vehicle but a car seat was blocking his way, so he ran around to the other side.

"I was coming around to get in, and at the least expected (moment), bam, it just hit me," said the boy, "I hit the bumper and I slid of the hood."

Bryce says going to school with a cast on his leg will be tough, especially when it comes to his favorite part of the day: recess.

"Yeah, I'm going to have to play basketball in a wheel chair," grinned Bryce, "some people do that."

While the mishap left the boy with a detached growth plate, and a surgery date for next week, he still finds a childlike joy in the little things.

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