Boyle sheriff campaign signs vandalized, stolen

JUNCTION CITY, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say here and in areas just south and west of here is the where numerous Sheriff Marty Elliott signs were defaced, destroyed or stolen.

It started with what Sheriff Elliott thought was an isolated case of perhaps juvenile mischief.

“One of my signs at a local business was marked on with graffiti drawn on it,” Elliott said.

That was Sunday, the day after numerous signs were put out all over the county. Some of the signs cost more than $100 each.

“My big commercial signs were torn down, chopped up, or missing. The little signs are gone,” he said.

Kentucky State Police are investigating and Elliott questions if his strong stance against drug use is behind the illegal act.

“We’ve done a lot of drug activity. We hit this place hard. You make enemies when you do that,” he said.

He says he doubts an opponent is responsible but says KSP is currently reviewing surveillance video that may literally shed some light on who the culprits.

“I’m very aggressive against narcotics dealers….that could be part of it. Or somebody that just doesn’t like me. It’s part of it,” Elliott said.

Sheriff Elliot's supporters are offering a $200 reward for whoever has information on the crime.

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