Brave the Blue to benefit Boy Scouts

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Two of her sons are Eagle Scouts, and a third is a Marine. Their life is full of adventure, and their mother is not far behind. Eunice Logan is one of more than a hundred people who will support scouting in Kentucky by rappelling off the 31st floor of the Fifth Third Center in downtown Lexington. On October 25th, starting in the morning, they will come down the side of the Big Blue Building, two at a time, four every hour. Scout executives say it will be the single largest, one day fundraiser in the history of the Bluegrass Chapter of the Boy Scouts. They expect to net at least $100,000 for scouting.
Eunice Logan says she's excited, and can't back out now after telling friends about the event.
She says, "we've lost a sense of adventure in this country in a lot of ways by making everything so safe, so risk free. So I think no, you need some adventure and scouting is all about adventure. This is about adventure. So we'll go for it."
Scout leaders are partnering with a company called Over the Edge. They say safety is paramount, and on the day of the rappelling, the ropes will be checked and rechecked.
It will also be quite a day for unsuspecting people in downtown who will look up, and see people coming down the side of a very tall building. They will have a chance to see "Brave the Blue", and witness the scouting spirit in full flight.

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