Broken water main creates icy mess

PARIS, Ky (WKYT) - It's not snow but the extreme cold causing problems for one community. A water main broke on Main Street in Paris sending water everywhere and creating an icy mess in the area.

Friday morning there was still plenty of snow on the ground in downtown Paris. While the sidewalks were still covered with ice most of the roads in town had been plowed. But some messes couldn't be cleared with salt.

"It's usually pretty crazy. Today's been especially crazy with half of Main Street being closed most of the morning," said Joseph Williams. Williams spent most of the morning delivering pizzas from his Domino's just across the street from the closure.

"Both lanes were blocked and they wouldn't allow anybody to come up and down Main Street. I had to ask the police to let me into my own business," said Jeff Morrison who owns J&M Liquors.

The break happened Thursday night around 6:30. When crews dug into the road to get to the broken main water sprayed in the air, leaving a layer of ice on everything in the area. More than 16 hours later crews finally repaired the main.

"This morning they were actually waist deep in the water down in the hole, trying to get the rupture stopped an capped," said Morrison.

Once repaired the hole was filled with gravel and the road reopened.

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