Brookelyn Farthing's stepdad says she texted friends day of disappearance

MADISON COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Were they a sign that she was in danger? Family members of a missing Madison County teenager tell WKYT she sent multiple text messages in the hours before she disappeared.

Brookelyn Farthing hasn't been seen in nearly two months. Monday was her 19th birthday. Her stepfather confirmed for WKYT, Farthing sent multiple messages to friends the morning she disappeared.

Randall Walker, Farthing's stepdad, tells us she texted friends overnight, trying to get a ride home from a party at a home in Berea. We're told she went to that party June 22nd with a friend, but ended up arguing with the friend and didn't have a ride home.

Walker says she sent multiple messages, and that she was texting her ex-fiance to get off work, and come pick her up because she was scared. The last message Walker knows of was one sent from Farthing's phone at 5:30 a.m. saying she no longer needed a ride, she was going to a party in Rockcastle County.

Walker also told WKYT the last time a cell phone carrier was able to locate Farthing's phone was off a tower near Blue Lick, in Lincoln County.

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