Missing woman's brother believes someone knows her location

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For more than a decade, Joyce Crider's family have waited for answers to learn about what happened to her back in 2002 when she went missing.

Joyce's brother, Mike Gaines spoke to WKYT via FaceTime today from China. Gaines' daughter, Sarah was also there.

Gaines says he thinks about his sister every day and continues to wait for the day she is found. Gaines wants her to have a final resting place, where family members can visit.

"I think it's important for Joyce. Joyce deserves a hell of a lot better as does anybody. She deserves a peaceful rest. She deserves a place where we can visit her," says Gaines.

Gaines believes Bill Crider is responsible for Joyce's disappearance. He says Crider would know where to tell police Joyce was today.

Bill Crider was killed in a car crash on Sunday. Gaines tells WKYT he has mixed feelings on the passing of Bill Crider, "One one side, I am happy that he is dead. The other side, the mixed emotions that I have are that I have been robbed once again. This man has robbed us again."

Gaines is hopeful that someone else who may have been afraid to go to police while Bill Crider was alive, may decide to come forward now that he is dead.

"I'm confident that this man has let something slip. Maybe not entirely to one person, but maybe entirely to five people. If those five people can come forward with just a little information, it may be enough," says Gaines.

Gaines says he will never give up hope on finding his sister.

"So, it's been a decade. It's been a long time. Now with him no longer here, hopefully people will be able to speak freely. Hopefully, people will be able to openly discuss the issue. Although it may be a slim possibility, the hope is still there that we will find her," Gaines says.

Gaines expressed frustration with the fact that police are not calling Bill Crider a suspect or even a person of interest in Joyce Crider's disappearance.

According to Joyce's family, Bill Crider recently plead guilty to a drug trafficking charge and was scheduled to serve jail time soon.

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