Bulletproof vest saves deputy involved in crash

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FRANKLIN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Investigators say a Franklin County Sheriff's deputy involved in a dangerous crash has his bulletproof vest to thank.

Monday night, Franklin County Sheriff's deputy, Ronald Lalumandier, crashed on Evergreen Road while on the way to a call. Investigators say he lost control of his cruiser in a curve, ran off the road and went through a plank fence.

One of those planks went through the windshield and hit the deputy's chest. But lucky for the 29-year-old, his bulletproof vest protected him.

Lalumandier was taken to the hospital but was not seriously injured. Officials say while the deputy is pretty sore this morning, he sure has a lot to be thankful for.

"We encourage all of our deputies to wear their body armor on duty, in uniform in particular, because blunt force trauma is blunt force trauma," says Franklin County Chief Deputy Sheriff Ron Wyatt.

Wyatt says, "Whether it comes from a bullet fired from a firearm or whether it comes from a plank fence that comes through your window. Emergency driving is inherently dangerous, so it's just good to have that extra safety equipment. I think in this case it really paid off."

Investigators believe that black ice was a contributing factor in the deputy's crash.

Lalumandier is expected to return to work on Friday. He's worked for the Franklin County Sheriff's Office for close to three years.

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