Burglar breaks in pawn shop roof, leaves $10 bill

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Police say a man broke into Sam's Pawn Shop in Nicholasville overnight. He came in through the roof, but the owners say he didn't take anything.

"Somebody came through the ceiling. I guess they thought they could walk on air. [They] fell through the roof," says Kevin Mashni, owner of Sam's Pawn Shop.

Around 1:25 Monday morning, police say a man broke into Sam's Pawn Shop on Lexington Road. Police say the burglar tore a hole in the roof to get in.

"They set the alarm off. I came in to reset it and noticed all the ceiling tiles and insulation on the floor," says Mashni.

Surveillance video of the burglar, who the owners say was only in the store for a few minutes, appears to show the man looking around for something. While he didn't take anything, he did leave behind a $10 bill and some damage to the store's ceiling.

Owners say this incident does have them shaken up, so they're taking extra steps to protect their business.

"He may try to come back. I mean, we're doing more stuff now to make the building more secure. So it's going to be a lot harder for him next time," Mashni says.

The Jessamine County Sheriff's Department arrested 48-year old Paul Masters of Nicholasville Monday afternoon after receiving several tips from the public. He's charged with burglary.

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