Burglar runs from police after setting of alarm, leaves bicycle behind

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police are looking for a man they say ran from them after breaking into a business on Cambridge Drive.

The alarm at the Old Colony Insurance Service office went off around 8AM. Lexington Police say a man forced his way in through a side window and once he was inside an audible alarm sent him back out. By that time police were already arriving.

"As soon as he saw the officers he fled on foot towards the cemetery located off Versailles Road," said Lt. Sam Murdoch with the Lexington Police Department.

Murdoch says the man climbed a barbed wire fence and ran through Hillcrest Memorial Park before coming back onto the street.

People living in the area saw the man running and led police to his muddy tracks, but he was able to get away.

Police say while he did make it into the building, they aren't sure of anything that was missing.

"It appeared he had been in there, however I think the alarm, when it went off, prevented him from removing any further items," Murdoch said.

In his hurry to get away the burglar left behind a bicycle that police say he rode to the building on. They say he also dropped the tools he used to gain access.

Police say they hope they can get forensic evidence from that bicycle.

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