Burglar steals from Rowan County preschool

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ROWAN COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - They say they feel violated and angry. Leaders of a Rowan County preschool need your help finding the man who broke into their building!

Police released surveillance video showing the burglar inside the preschool and he got away with some valuable things.

“We were about to have kids at school and kids making their transition at the school’s bus stop. Instead, we had a crime scene,” said Shirley Anderson, Preschool Director for Rowan County Schools.

The back doors were found wide open, some of the windows were shattered and several valuables were stolen.

“What kind of person steals from preschool children?” Anderson asked. “We were absolutely horrified watching the surveillance video because there he is in black and white going up and down the hallway.”

Just by watching the video, it certainly doesn't look like the man wearing long-sleeve clothing was in any rush.

“He was walking around for about two hours so he had plenty of time to look around.”

But this thief wasn't there for the view. He was there for the valuables.

“One laptop was stolen along with personal checks, cash and two televisions, one of which had been donated to school.”

Believe it or not, Morehead Police say this type of burglary isn't uncommon.

“A lot of people know that inside the school there are items of value. If it’s worth it to them, they'll try to get inside,” said Capt. Derek Blevins with the Morehead Police Dept.

Now, administrators at the Rowan County Preschool Center plan to do whatever it takes to keep thieves like this man out.

The Preschool Center hopes to install a new alarm system in the school.

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