Burglar uses roof to target Lexington businesses

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Police say a would-be burglar used the roof of a building to target several Lexington businesses. The crimes happened after midnight Wednesday.

The businesses were all along Versailles road. Investigators believe the would-be thief got into the business complex through a vent in the roof, above the Cricket Wireless store.

As the intruder made his way over into an area above the store next door, police say he came crashing through the ceiling. Police believe the fall thwarted any attempt the man was going to make to steal any items from the stores. A witness told police the man escaped out the back of the building.

Right now, police are working off a very limited suspect description. A clerk at Cricket called her supervisor and said they would look through their surveillance video to see if the suspect was caught on camera.

Police say it appears nothing was stolen from any of the stores.

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