Burglars cut hole into Fleming County store, break in twice in same week

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FLEMING COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - It's a small country store in Fleming County, but the Goddard Country Store has been burglarized twice in the same week. The store's owners say the burglars didn't break in through their front door or even their window. Instead, they found a more unique way in, the store's back wall.

Timmy Jolley helps his father run the Goddard Country Store, and says they've been at this spot since 2001. Since they started, they say they've had their trouble with break ins, but this week really has them frustrated. Monday around 3 a.m. Jolley got a call about the break in. When he got to the store off Highway 32, they found water covering the floor after the burglars broke open a water line. Just a few nights later, he got a second call, this time Wednesday at 1 a.m.

"Twice in the same week, yeah, and in the same spot," said Jolley.

In spite of two burglary attempts, nothing was stolen.

"They pushed that shelf forward so everything moved so that's when the motion detectors picked it up. The second time was basically the same thing. Except they did a little more damage the second time. They cut some wires, more than likely trying to disarm the alarm system. Well, they didn't," explained Jolley who added that it appeared the suspects tried to cut any wire that looked important.

Instead, he said they cut the phone line, leaving the store without their phones temporarily. He also said it looked like they tried to cut the TV cable and they also lost access to the credit card system. Still the store continued to serve the community.

Jolley thinks it was likely someone who's been inside the store before, "They had to know where certain things were."

Now, he can't help but be suspicious, "You look at everybody differently."

"We're just such a small town, small community you'd like to think you can trust your neighbors but I guess times have changed," said Curtis Gulley, a regular customer of the store.

While the store is looking at thousands of dollars in damages, with the help of their customers they're putting up their own money to find the crooks.

"The store and it's customers really want to know, so we're offering a $2,000 reward," stated Jolley who is hoping to avoid any more late night phone calls like the two he's had this past week.

The owners say they're confident their security system is up to the task because as they see it, both times the thieves have left empty handed. The Fleming County Sheriff says it's because of this same alarm system that his deputies caught two other suspects fleeing on foot a year, or two, ago.

For now, he says his office is actively following leads into this case. If you have any information you are asked to contact the Fleming County Sheriff's Office at 606-845-4701.

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