Burglars steal from murder victims' home in Richmond

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RICHMOND, Ky. (WKYT) - One month after a double murder at a Richmond home and police are now investigating another crime there.

They say someone broke in and stole things that belonged to the victims.

Richmond Police say they found Karen Simpson and Avery Evans dead at a home on Valley Street on June 27th of this year.

They have not made any arrests for the murders.

Richmond Police tell us the burglars were probably aware that the house was unoccupied when they broke in.

“Thieves take advantage of folks when they’re gone no matter what the circumstances are surrounding it," said Asst. Chief Robert Mott with Richmond Police.

“More than likely the perpetrator knew what had happened there and that no one was living there anymore so they go and help themselves to some electronics.”

Police say the criminals stole a VCR, stereo and TV among other electronic items.

We went from house to house on Valley Street to see if neighbors would talk to us about the recent incident but most said they didn't want to comment since the criminals haven't been caught.

Thankfully, one neighbor did agree to talk with us on camera.
For the past four years, Sanjeev Lamichan has lived right across the road from the residence that now more closely resembles a crime scene.

“The other people living here seem kind of worried for their children that something might happen,” Lamichan told us Thursday.
Now, he along with other neighbors are simply hoping that their street returns to normal.

Richmond Police are still investigating to see if the two crimes are possibly related.

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