Burglars target three Lexington churches in one week

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) Within the past week, burglars have stolen from at least three Lexington churches.

All is peaceful now at Beaumont Presbyterian Church but just a few nights ago, Pastor Susan Warren says peacefulness was replaced by a problem.

“Someone broke the front window and reached inside to unlock it. They were able to lift the window and get inside the church,” Pastor Warren told us. “They went through a lot of files to find our petty cash which was pretty well hidden.”

According to Warren, the burglars broke the church’s front window and a glass door but the thieves only got away with about $50 in petty cash along with a cell phone.

“I don’t understand why someone would steal from a church; that just puzzles me.”

In the recent string of church burglaries, Beaumont Presbyterian was the first one to be burglarized. Just two days after that, two other Lexington churches were stolen from as well.

Police records show that someone stole several items from offices inside Gardenside Christian Church on Holly Springs Drive. On the same night, someone also stole lawn care equipment out of a storage shed belonging to Gethsemane Church on Bryan Station Road.

“I feel bad for the other churches and I will be interested to see if police find any clues that are similar in the burglaries. Hopefully that will help them figure out who is doing this,” Warren said.

The Beaumont Presbyterian Pastor now plans to take many precautions and take steps to make sure nothing else gets swiped.

Pastor Warren hopes better lighting will be installed in the church's parking lot to prevent future break-ins.

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