Burglary alert signs posted in one Lexington neighborhood

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - We have a crime alert Friday night for people living in a Lexington neighborhood. Police say burglars are targeting their homes.

Police say they've seen a rise in burglaries recently in the Mentelle area off Richmond Road.

Now people there are taking extra steps to protect their homes.

Over here in the Mentelle neighborhood, you might notice some neon alert signs posted. Lexington police say the signs are right on target as there have been more break-ins than usual in the area in the last three weeks.

It's not the typical sign you'd expect to see in this part of town.

"I haven't seen any sign like that. I've just seen the usual kind of yard sale signs but never anything that had anything to do with home invasions or robberies or anything to that extent," said Austin Hill, who lives in the neighborhood.

They are posted all along Cramer Avenue alerting people of burglaries one street over on Aurora.

"I was comforted by the fact that somebody took the time to put them up," said Hill.

"It seems so out of place for here," said Erin Murnan, who lives in the neighborhood.

Where the signs came from or who posted them isn't the concern.

"It's very quiet, and I feel very safe. I've never felt uncomfortable here, so that kind of makes me question things," said Murnan.

What they are concerned about are themselves and their neighbors, wondering if this burglar will strike again.

"It makes me second guess how well I lock my house and alarm systems and things like that," said Murnan.

They're on the look out for anything suspicious, since it is kind of hard to ignore the neon notices.

Police tell us they are patrolling the area while investigating the spike in break-ins. No arrests have been made in connection to these recent burglaries.

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