Burglary suspect accused of escaping from police; later found in crawl space

A burglary investigation in Harrodsburg had some unusual twists Thursday night.

It all started after Harrodsburg Police say 57-year-old Michael Destefano showed up at the police department, saying he had just witnessed a burglary while driving by a friend's house on East Factory Street.

Police say Destefano told them he saw two people running from the home, carrying firearms. Officers say Destefano said he started chasing after those people, but broke away so he could go to the police department to report the crime.

Police say the burglary victim later returned home to find two rifles, ammunition, and $2,500 missing.

Police say after they started investigating, they found Destefano was actually the suspect. Police say they found the stolen rifles and ammunition in his possession.

"The suspect had actually gone to the victim's house several times watching football, playing cards, things of that nature, so he knew the residence quite well and knew where things were," Harrodsburg Police Officer Jason Elder said.

Once in custody, officers say Destefano was able to escape from the police department.

Harrodsburg Police say they later found Destefano hiding in the crawl space of his home on North Main Street.

Police have charged Destefano with burglary, possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, receiving stolen property, and escape.

He was lodged in the Boyle County Jail.

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