One burn victim considered witness to house explosion, second to be questioned

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Lexington Fire Department officials say a second burn victim will be questioned Tuesday afternoon.

Already, officials questioned a man in regards to an explosion that destroyed a Campbell Street home Monday morning.

They say that man, found burned late Monday night, is being considered a witness to the explosion.

Patricia Robinson, who lives on Ross Avenue, says the man, who she has helped before, came to her house, asking for a sandwich and an ambulance.

Robinson says the man is homeless and suffered severe burns.

"After he got through eating his sandwich, he told me to call an ambulance. So I call the ambulance, and they came in because he needed some medical attention," Robinson says.

At the time of the explosion, no victim was found.

Investigators say the copper on the water heater of the home was stripped, and the water heater fell over, causing a gas leak, which resulted in an explosion.

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