Bursting pipes causing problems all over Lexington

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - At 8 Wednesday morning the fire alarm started sounding inside the Jackie Harper's apartment. That was inconvenient, but what happened next took it to a new level.

"I'd say just about a few minutes later the water started coming from the ceiling," she described.

This was no trickle she said, "It actually started off in my sprinklers and then moved to my vents on both sides of my living room. It was shooting out."

Her apartment is mostly dry, but a few water stains can be seen on the floor and ceiling prompting Harper to keep her rain boots on all day as she's spent time cleaning up the effects of the flooding.

"As soon as the water started, I grabbed everything that I saw that needed to go," she added.

But before your pipes get that bad, plumbers with H2O Maestro offers these tips.

"The pipes actually break while they are frozen," explained Kevin Pearl, "If you notice you don't have water in a certain location you need to start trying to take care of it as soon as possible by getting heat to the source and protecting it from the wind."

Pearl went on to say that the longer the pipes stay frozen, the more likely the pipes are to break. This wintry blast has definitely done a number on many pipes, as H20 Maestro, now connected to Fayette Heating and Air, have had more than 800 calls. The Lexington Fire Department said Wednesday afternoon that they were called to 60 buildings to shut off the water, they had 45 such calls on Tuesday.

"Almost overwhelming right now," answered Pearl.

While a burst pipe can cause quite a bit of damage, all hope is not lost when the leaking starts.

"Try to get it shut off," instructed Pearl, adding the next step is to call for a plumber to come and inspect the damage.

As for Harper, her personal belongings were spared but her ceiling and flooring will need to be replaced.

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