Bus batteries stolen from community group

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - "We're told that they sell them back to places, get about 35 dollars a piece for them. So unfortunately, whoever needed the 35 dollars that bad had come to us, we probably could have helped them with whatever that need was. Certain irony there," saind Charlie Lanter, a manager at Community Action Council in Lexington.

Community Action Council is a non-profit organization offering opportunities to low-income families.
These busses were part of that effort.

"Our program is three to five year old low income children going to a school readiness program. So unfortunately some of them weren't able to get to school this morning," said Lanter.

Lanter says they had to call several families to tell them they weren't stopping by and to find another way to take their kids to school.

"Three of our bus routes for the low income children with the head start programs were unable to run," added Lanter.

Lanter says they have a group coming out this afternoon to replace the batteries and to get them back up and running for their afternoon routes.

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