Bus schedules to change for Clark County schools

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CLARK COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - Start and dismissal times for Clark County Schools has changed. Some students will be getting out of class as late at four in the afternoon.

Monday was the last day of school for Clark County students. When they come back next year- things will be a little different.

"The junior high and high school will be starting later. They'll get out 20 minutes later than they did last year," Paul Christy, Clark County Schools' superintendent, tells WKYT.

The high school will be getting out almost 10 minutes before four- and at Campbell, students will be released at 4:05.

"I think it's a little late, some of them four in the afternoon. I like the old way better," Flora Montgomery, a Clark County grandparent tells us.

Christy says the change in start and dismissal times reflects the tough calls he's had to made since being in the role of superintendent for just one year.

The change is happening because of the staggered bus schedule. The Superintendent says it's cut down on discipline problems with students, but has also doubled transportation costs every year.

"We've been undergoing a lot of change with redistricting. It's been a lot of things to work out right now," Christy continues. "Just go with the flow and do what you gotta do."

Christy says they're looking at ways to alleviate inconveniences. He says they'll consider adding transportation routes and opening the schools up earlier.

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