Businesses scrambling to cover plants during cold snap

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Some Kentucky businesses are scrambling to salvage thousands of dollars worth in inventory that could be destroyed due to the recent cold snap.

At Redmonds, they're busy covering plants, trying to salvage $600,000 worth. They say it's very important to shield plants from the cold and snow, because they rely on 4-5 month period - March through early June - for their sales.

Japanese Maples and perennials are especially vulnerable to these cold snaps. Just one 24-hour period of cold can ruin two-weeks worth of product for this company. The simple act of covering and uncovering plants can even affect business.

"It does affect us it will set us back a few days because once we put everything together, our customers can't shop that. We have to pull it all back out, make sure we're not breaking it and its in good shape for our customers to come back out and see it," Chris Redmond tells us.

Chris says this is the cost of doing business. In the past, he's lost a good $50,000 for a three-day cold snap.

Redmonds says Saturday and Sunday's warm temperatures led to a 13-year high in sales for a single weekend.

They're hoping for cloud cover and limited sunshine because going from one extreme to the other with the temperatures can hurt the plants even further.

You can use plastic to cover the plants or cheesecloth, which is what they suggest at Redmond's. They also suggest covering in a tent-like fashion.

"You don't want that touching that because it would turn it to mush or black. You want it to have that air circulation underneath it," says Redmond.

Chris says this is the cost of doing business, but in the past, he's lost $50,000 for a three-day cold snap.

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