Businessman plans to make bourbon in Hardin County

ELIZABETHTOWN, Ky. (AP) - A central Kentucky businessman is setting up the first legal whiskey still in Hardin County since Prohibition.

The News Enterprise reports that businessman Brent Goodin has obtained a federal permit and a 125-gallon still shipped from Germany for his Boundary Oak Distillery. A key ingredient will be water from a limestone spring on his family property.

Goodin plans to produce bourbon and traditional moonshine. His federal license allows him to produce 5,500 gallons per year.

Goodin estimates the startup venture will cost half a million dollars.

He says he'll sell his 120-proof moonshine through a wholesaler in traditional mason jars. Making bourbon takes years of aging the whiskey in oak barrels.

He plans to purchase corn locally and operate at first with five or fewer employees, mostly family members.

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