"Lying Lee's" owner talks about police raids

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MOREHEAD, Ky. (WKYT/WYMT) - Police raided his used car lot, "Lying Lees,” but a Rowan County businessman still claims he never did anything illegal.

After 33 years of selling cars at Lying Lees, almost everyone in Morehead has heard of Marty Stevens but a recent incident could potentially damage the future of the family-owned business.

“Today a lot of people calling wanting to know if their cars were stolen…they thought I was taking cars off the interstate which is ridiculous I wouldn’t do anything like that,” Marty Stevens said.

Federal, state and local authorities are now investigating Stevens’ two used car businesses in Morehead and Ashland because state police say they’ve received several complaints about the type of sales taking place there.

“I feel innocent,” Stevens told us Wednesday.

On Tuesday, Stevens says investigators confiscated nearly ten cars from one of his used car lots, but Stevens assures us that none are them are stolen.

“I don’t steal cars, I don’t have a chop shop, and I rebuild cars and buy them off the internet.”

And if there was something suspicious going on behind closed doors, “Anything is possible. I’m not there all the time. But if there’s anything that went on there I definitely don’t know about it.”

Although he maintains his innocence, Stevens thinks there a still chance he could be punished. “I think they’ll do something to me it was too big of an operation for them not to do something.”

Police can't say exactly what they were searching for when they raided Stevens’s businesses since it is an ongoing investigation.

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