Flooding closes Fayette Circuit Courthouse for the week

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - Clean up crews are filling trash bags with pieces of the Fayette Circuit Courthouse after flooding Sunday night.

Court officials say that a valve inside the fourth floor bathroom burst.

They tell WKYT that a judge left the building at 5 o'clock on Sunday but didn't notice anything. It was a few hours later that someone walking by the building did.

"A bystander saw water gushing out of the building and then the fire department was notified. I was contacted last night at 10 pm and we were here at 10:30. It was raining inside," says Pamela Goodwine, the Vice Chief of Fayette Circuit Court.

At this point, court officials don't know what caused the valve to break. But, what they do know is that a lot of things inside are destroyed.

"Significant computer damage. I mean, everything. When I say everything, I mean computers, technology, our benches. Obviously our furniture, chairs. We're concerned about the equipment obviously," adds Goodwine.

The Clerks Office was spared from the water damage. Court officials say that most documents kept inside the building are backed up online. That is however, not the case for the Law Library.

"Soaked. We did have a lot of law books there and historical documents. So we're still trying to make the assessment of all of that at this point," says Goodwine.

The Fayette Circuit Court building will be closed for the rest of the week. It's unclear when it will reopen.

Circuit Court hearings scheduled Tuesday through Thursday will be held inside the Fayette District Court building.

We're told that no scheduled hearings or trials have been cancelled. You can contact the clerk's office for more information: (859) 246-2228 or (859) 246-2141.

Goodwine tells WKYT that there is a death penalty trial scheduled for Monday. No word yet on where it will be held.

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