Georgetown boy out of hospital after near drowning incident

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GEORGETOWN, Ky. (WKYT) - There was a dramatic rescue Wednesday evening in a central Kentucky creek. A child became trapped in the water after witnesses say he fell over a dam. But family tells us 9-year-old Peyton Penn is out of the hospital and doing well.

It happened along Elkhorn Creek in Georgetown. Some bystanders jumped into action, rescuing the child and another man.

Overall, the rescue only lasted a couple of minutes, but for the five men who bravely jumped in after a kid and another adult, they say it seemed like an eternity.

It all started when the bystanders say three little girls ran to their apartment complex screaming that a kid was drowning. Peyton's friend, who was there when it happened, ran to get them for help once he got out of the creek.

Not sure what they would find when they got to the dam, the men who live in the neighborhood still sprang into action.

"I wasn't scared. No one was scared," said Rico Lay, a man living nearby who aided in the rescue. "We were all actually calm for what the situation was and what was going on."

Officials tell us two young kids, both with life jackets on, were near the water. That's when Peyton fell in while walking on top of the dam.

"I guess he had gotten sucked under into the current and went under the waterfall," said Rico Lay.

Officials also say that a man in his 40s fishing nearby witnessed it all and went into the water to help but ending up getting himself into trouble. We are told Peyton's friend threw the man his life jacket.

Adrenaline pumping, the five rescuers, Jason McQueen, Rico Lay, Justin Lay, Greg Banks, and Chris Chandler, say it seemed like they just knew what to do.

"I grabbed onto him first and then he grabbed onto him and then when he got in, we just switched places, so that I could pull him," said Rico Lay.

Forming a human chain, they were all in harm's way and even had trouble fighting the current themselves. But they all got okay, saving the man and the little boy.

"Together we actually pulled it off," said Jason McQueen, who also aided in the rescue.

With several inches of rain, officials say that everyone should be wary high waters and strong currents.

We are told both the man and young boy were taken to Georgetown Community Hospital. Family says Peyton was transferred to UK Hospital and stayed there overnight for observation. He is now home, but his family did not want to talk to WKYT about the incident.

Officials who were on the scene tell us the child suffered from hypothermia.

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