CBS' "48 Hours" features murder case involving KY native

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DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - The case grabbed national attention -- a Boyle County native beaten and strangled in a New York City home in 2012. On Saturday, the case was featured on an episode of CBS’ “48 Hours.”

A jury later convicted her boyfriend of the murder and he's now serving a life sentence.

It was a violent and horrific crime, a crime that captured a lot of attention and a crime that left 27-year-old Danielle Thomas dead.

“Danielle was my only child. I won't receive a phone call on Mother’s Day this year. I’ll be spending Mother's day at her resting place,” said Danielle’s mother, Jamie Thomas Bright.

Jamie is now speaking out about her daughter's brutal murder.

“I’ve had 22 months since her death to process this and once the trial was over I was free to discuss it.”

Last month, Danielle’s ex-boyfriend Jason Bohn was sentenced to life in prison in connection with the crime.

“It’s hard but I’ve tried to stay strong because I want the message to get out.”

Jamie agreed to be interviewed for an episode of “48 Hours” in order to spread awareness about domestic violence which played a huge part in her daughter's relationship with Jason.

“She was strong in her professional life and could handle any situation but when it came to this she kept quiet. I don’t understand why she couldn’t tell me.”

This secret was one that wasn't revealed until it was too late.

“If this episode can save one girl, then it’s worth it. If a woman is in a violent relationship, they need to get out or tell someone.”

If this episode can save a girl's life, it can also save another mother from having to experience that heartbreak that Jamie has had to deal with firsthand.

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