UPDATE: Body found in burned Danville home

DANVILLE, Ky. (WKYT) - Investigators found a body inside a home that was destroyed by fire on Wednesday morning.

The fire on Venetian Way in Danville broke out early Wednesday morning. It was believed the woman who lived there was still inside. Now as the family waits for positive identification investigators are trying to figure out what happened.

The family of Margaret Moore tells WKYT they believe the body firefighters removed from the home early Wednesday was hers. Now they have to wait as investigators try to determine how this fire started and how she died.

Larry Moore, Margart's son, says, "I was asleep, it was three in the morning when dad wakes me up and says the house is on fire. I just sat there for a second, didn't believe it."

Larry Moore says his mother was the only person at their home on Venetian Way last night. When firefighters were called around 12:30 flames were already coming out of the windows. Neighbors say it was so intense they were worried it might spread to nearby homes.

" I woke my neighbor up because the flames were shooting toward his house and there were coals landing on his roof," said one neighbor who didn't want to be identified.

Around ten, the flames and heat were under control enough that crews could get inside where they found a body, but they say it will have to be identified.

Police had already been at the home on Tuesday. Records show someone at the home asked for paperwork to file an emergency protective order.

Moore's son says the rest of the family went to cabin to spend the night. Now he's waiting for answers as investigators do their job.

He says, "I just want her to be remembered as a good person."

The home has been cordoned off, one of the reasons is because a gas line ruptured during the fire. Gas workers say it's been capped but it's still active.

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