Cal calls on Harrow to be the best

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - UK coach John Calipari is calling on sophomore Ryan Harrow to be the best point guard in the country. On Monday's SEC teleconference, Calilpari talked about Harrow's progress but said being the best should be his goal.

Harrow's improvement through the month of December and into January has been dramatic. Calipari believes the sky's the limit. "Why not try to be the best point guard in the country? Why not, why would you not chase that? Why do anything short of that."

Calipari said Harrow has improved in just about every area. "Assist to turnover ratio, shooting percentage, all the sutff that we need him to do and on top of that defending pretty well."

Calipari said Harrow is doing all things he has to do to be able to lead. Even ecouraging teammates during individual instruction. "He stays in the gym in the mornings and cheers on the guys. Just talks to them and encourages them, hes become that guy that we've needed him to be."

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