Cal frustrated with Poythress

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - John Calipari has said he knows how good Alex Poythress can be. After Saturday's 88-50 win over Lipscomb, Calipari sounded increasingly frustrated with his talented freshman.

Poythress has scored in double-figures in all but two games hes played. He's averaging about 15 points and 6 rebounds per game.
Calipari didn't like what he saw on a missed free throw Saturday. "Yeah, he just didn't get the ball. Now he had two excuses, his big toe hurt and the other guy slipped in front of him and didn't block him out. So he didn't give us one he had two, my big toe and the other guy didn't block out." Calipari yanked Poythress out of the game. "So that's why you didn't get the ball, o.k. Whate happened to your big toe? You're out, next guy."

Lipscomb coach Scott Sanderson, son of former Alabama coach Wimp Sanderson, was complimentary of the Kentucky program and UK fans. But his team played Ole Miss earlier in the season and he said the Rebels play better defense. "They guard better than Kentucky does, they guard the ball a lot better and they force you into turnovers. Whereas Kentuckyk doesn't necessarily force you into turnovers, although we turned it over 24 times, they didn't force it, they were self infliced."

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