Calipari takes responsibility, willing to change

The University of Kentucky women's soccer team defeated Vanderbilt 6-1 Friday at the UK Soccer Complex in Lexington, Ky., to advance to next week's SEC Tournament in Orange Beach, Ala. Photo by Chet White

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - During Saturday's game at South Carolina John Calipari appeared to reach his boiling point. Whether it was frustration with his team or frustration with officials, Calipari made an early exit with 10 minutes to play.

"Whatever they need from me is how I coach, and that's what they know," said Calipari. "Whatever they need, and I've done it every year I've coached."

It has appeared this season that Calipari has felt the need to do even more coaching with his young team.

"It was two weeks ago, four weeks ago that I said if I have to coach like a 35 year old I will. Throughout my career, there's not been one way that I've done things. One offense or zone defense or press, it's whatever the team needs from me, and that's what I do. At the end of the day I never put it on the kids. It''s on me."

While Calipari stressed that his team needs to be player driven, he acknowledged that they need him now more than ever.

"I'm not saying that an 18 and 19 year old kid is responsible. I'm responsible to get them to play right to get them in the right frame of mind. if they're not in that frame of mind that's back to me. This team is young because we recruited a young team, so all of it comes back to me."

Now with two games remaining in the regular season and the SEC tournament approaching, Calipari says there is only one way to go.

"You just keep going. It's all a process. Where we are right now has no bearing on where we're going to be. It's what are you going to do to get yourself to play better. We're good enough to do what we have to do. The biggest thing is when adversity hits, will you come together."

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