Calipari doesn't believe his team is done.

Are the Cats done? John Calipari doesn't think so as he takes his team to Gainesville Saturday to face No.1 ranked Florida.

Speaking to the media Friday, Calipari said he believes his team has the numbers to stack up with the better teams in the country. "What’s amazing to me is a team that has this much ability and size and the numbers speak that we’re pretty good, if you look at our numbers and I’m not talking the RPI which is good, strength of schedule which is good, I’m not talking about that, I’m talking defense, shot blocking, rebounding, 3-point field goal percentage, offensive field goal percentage, we have some numbers that aren’t great but when you look at all that, to have people say this team is done, I just don’t believe it."

Florida won the first matchup between the two teams, 69-59 in Rupp Arena February 15. Saturday, Calipari wants to see an offense unleashed. “I want them to fly up and down the court. I want them to be aggressive, create for each other more than us having to run stuff. Now, against them (Florida) you do have to do things because they do a great job at getting back in transition defense, they’re not going to give you easy baskets. So, you do have to be strong with the ball and create for each other. Our numbers whether they’re defensive or offensive numbers are fine versus their numbers. It’s just going to be, okay let’s go. Let’s go do this. Let’s go compete and see what happens. It’s not going to be easy. Nothing is going to be easy about it.”

Tipoff for UK-Florida will be at Noon Saturday on WKYT. Wildcat Warmup will begin at 11:30 a.m.

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