Call log reveals critical moments after deputy was shot

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MARION COUNTY, Ky. (WKYT) - It's been nearly a week since Marion County Deputy Anthony Rakes was killed in the line of duty. The dispatch call log was released to WKYT on the morning of the shooting.

WARNING: some may find the contents of these calls to be difficult to listen to.

"I'll be right past the high school next to Short Line on 68. Subject is sitting in the middle of the roadway," radioed Deputy Rakes at 1:57 a.m. On Wednesday, November 14th.

It was a seemingly routine stop made where the deputy called in his location and a suspicious car, but just seconds later, a chilling call for help that would make this night a nightmare for many.

"Shots fired! I've been shot. Shots fired!" called Deputy Rakes.

The dispatcher then asked another deputy with the code, "1203" if they heard the call for help. The deputy confirmed, then Deputy Rakes broke in again, "I need an ambulance!"

Deputy Rakes was hit twice in the chest, and the suspect left the scene. The dispatcher put out the call for medical attention immediately.

"Attention Marion County Ambulance, attention Marion County Ambulance. Need an ambulance on Highway 68 just past Short Line Pike, officer has been shot. Officer has been shot."

Minutes after Deputy Rakes radioed back that he'd been shot, you can hear the urgency in the voice of others scrambling to get him help.

"Let me get an ambulance now!" yelled the first deputy on the scene.

Later, the dispatcher asked Deputy 1203 if the suspect's vehicle was still there, the deputy responded, "Negative. He's (Rakes) just laying here in front of his car!"

While en route, the ambulance team called in a request to have a helicopter in the air. After they arrived on scene, it proved to be a good call.

Minutes later the ambulance called in to the dispatcher, "Have the helicopter meet us at Springview, he's (Rakes) got two gunshots to the chest."

Sheriff Jimmy Clements said on Friday, November 16th, that this loss has hit him, his department, and the Rakes family very hard.

"I'm honored to have worked with him," said the Sheriff will fighting back tears, "very honored to have worked with that young man."

The Sheriff and others know that Deputy Anthony Rakes paid the ultimate sacrifice and his legacy will live on for the way he proudly served his community.

The suspect in the shooting, 49-year-old DeWayne Shipp was released from the hospital and transported to the state prison in La Grange on Monday. State Police say the facility, there, has the capability to let Shipp continue his recovery after he had surgery on a gun shot wound to his leg, Police say it looks to have been self-inflicted. The case remains under investigation.

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