Calls for smoke detectors go up following deadly fire

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) - It's a tragedy that shocked many people, a couple and their adult son, killed in a house fire.

But now, Lexington firefighters say that deadly fire could end up saving other lives. One week ago (Wednesday Dec. 5) investigators say Lenville Lindon, 89, Norma Lindon, 78, and their son Kenneth Lindon, 54, died when their house on Buckingham Lane caught fire in Lexington.

Investigators say, the home did not have working smoke detectors. But firefighters say that's sparked many calls from people wanting smoke detectors in their homes.

"We've been receiving lots of calls pretty much everyday," said Lexington Fire Lt. Tim Claggett.

Claggett says he's been busy installing or replacing detectors in homes of the elderly and disabled.

"Having a working smoke detector in your home gives you a ninety-percent better change of getting out in the event of a fire," Lt. Claggett said.

One call came from the home of Edith and John Naylor. "I cannot imagine what it would be like," said Edith, referring to the deadly fire. "It's such a tragic thing, to have a fire like that."

Before the fire, she and her husband never really gave fire protection much thought.

"This really was our wake-up call and it's what made me reach for my phone and call the fire department," she said.

Lt. Claggett replaced two of the Naylor's older smoke detectors, but says the standard is to have one in every room of your home.

"We want people to take preventions now, be protected, should they ever find themselves in a similar situation, as we saw on Buckingham Road last week."

"I can't think the fire department enough, I feel much safer now," Edith said.

According to investigators "improperly discarded smoking materials" caused last weeks deadly fire. If you or you know someone who has a question about a smoke detector call the Lexington Fire Department.

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