'Calm before the storm' for Lexington's State Street

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LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) Lexington’s State Street sits quiet for now but as the clock ticks down to Saturday’s game, many know the “quiet” is just the calm before the storm.

“I expect there to be one heck of a riot in the street,” said William Heildler, who has lived on State Street since August.

“Everyone realizes that two years ago it got a little out of hand so I don’t expect it to be quite as destructive but there will definitely be people in the streets,” Heidler continued.

Streets, yards and sidewalks still littered with signs of past celebrations.

“There were just broken beer bottles and cans everywhere. We had stuff all over our porch.”

He says anything left on their porch now will be brought inside before the big game.

“The table there, the glass table there and my bike will all go inside in someone’s bedroom.”

Temporary “no parking” signs are already posted on State Street in order to prevent people from flipping or even burning cars like we saw two years ago.

“My truck definitely won’t stay here. I don’t want it getting kicked in or windows smashed. I’m definitely going to try and tuck it away on some corner on campus.”

After preparing for the worst, William Heidler says all he can do now is hope for the best.

“Everyone has more fun when it’s a light hearted celebration as opposed to a destructive one. It can snowball either way. If guys start throwing beer bottles and then all the sudden tons of them are flying but if some people start to chant cheers then everyone is celebrating in the right way.”

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