Cameras catch shoplifter stuffing alcohol down his pants in Lexington

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WKYT) Surveillance cameras at the Unlimited Spirit liquor store caught a shoplifter hiding liquor by stuffing it down his pants.

Joe Chase, a store employee at the store on Southland Drive in Lexington, says from Wednesday to Saturday the man has walked into the store four times to take what he can.

They’re working with police to find him.

Chase says they try to treat customers with respect but the frequent shoplifter is trying their patience.

“Our policy is to become friends with our customers, we treat them right. It's what gets our business to succeed. We're going to make sure this person is stopped because it's unfair," he said.

Chase says the man has stolen about $160 worth of liquor.

Store employees say other small business owners in the shopping center are concerned about the bold crook too.

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