Cancer patient killed in crash

GARRShe was in the fight for her life battling cancer, but her family says yesterday was a good day. That's why her sister took her out for an afternoon drive, but their outing took a tragic turn after a box truck hit their car head-on. Now one sister is dead, and the other in critical condition.

Ina Bullock and Juanita Duvall made up two thirds of The Denny Trio, a gospel group based out of Crab Orchard. Bullock's son tells me Duvall was a gifted songwriter. She'd been suffering from cancer but was feeling good and wanted to go out for a drive.

"It's a real sharp curve. We have accidents there quite often when it's raining."

Sheriff Ronald Wardrip says diesel fuel leaked onto the road days ago led to the wreck that killed Duvall and left Bullock with severe injuries.

"Once it started raining yesterday that fuel was on top because you could feel it underneath your feet as you were walking," said Wardrip. "We just never could figure out whether it come off a tractor or regular pickup truck or what."

Sheriff Wardrip says a truck driver was coming around the turn at the same time as Bullock and Duvall.

"He just said when he started into the curve, he started sliding and tapped his brakes and could control and kept on sliding forward," said Wardrip.

The truck slammed headfirst into Bullock and Duvall's SUV. Duvall died at the scene. Bullock was airlifted to UK Hospital where she's still critical. The sheriff says the accident highlights the reason why you should report any fluid you see leaking onto a road.

"Once it gets on, it can stay on there for a week, even if it's dry. When it starts raining it comes back up," said Wardrip.