Candlelight vigil held for Danville woman killed in house fire

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DANVILLE, Ky. - (WKYT) - Friday was an emotional night for family and friends as they remembered a loved one found dead after a fire.

Investigators say Margaret "Libby" Moore died of smoke inhalation from Wednesday’s fire at a home on Venetian Road in Boyle County.

On Wednesday, Libby Moore’s burnt home symbolized sorrow for those who knew her but on Friday, in the front yard of her home, the community gathered to help ease the sorrow by showing support.

“I just wanted everyone to remember Libby, the fun Libby, she was one of the kindest people you will ever meet,” said Jamie Tyler.

Jamie Tyler was friends with Libby Moore for 15 years. She helped set up Friday’s candlelight vigil to honor Moore’s memory and give family and friends the chance to mourn her death together.

“I know Libby is looking at us and thanking us and so appreciative of all the people that loved her,” Tyler said.

The turnout at Friday’s vigil was a true testament of just that.

“I didn't expect this many people to hear about it but I guess the community was so close that it got around,” said Larry Moore, the son of Libby Moore.

Moore’s son says the past week has been difficult but he's found strength in the community's outpouring of support.

“It helps me out to know that this many people care.”

Larry Moore says that more than anything he hopes she is remembered as a loyal friend, devoted wife and loving mother.

A memorial fund for the Moore family has been set up at the Farmers National Bank in Perryville,

Moore’s husband and her two sons were spending the night at a family cabin when the fire broke out.

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